1. Level – riders beginners without any experience

7 riding lessons on the ranch and 4 1/2 hours excursion on horseback outside the ranch divided in 7 days riding.
Starting with 1/2 hour the first day and finishing with 3 hours riding last day. All together 11 1/2 riding hours
Max. 3 riding lessons per day.

2. Level – riding school packages – riders with some riding experience

7 riding lessons on the ranch and 8 1/2 hours excursion on horseback outside the ranch divided in 7 days riding.
Starting with half hour lesson first day and finishing with half day excursion on horseback in beautiful nature of river Korana. Alltogether 16 riding hours.
Max 3 riding lessons per day.

3. Level – riding school packages – riders who are riding frequently

7 riding lessons on the ranch and 11 hours excursions on horseback in beautiful nature around the Korana river.
Starting with 1 hour riding lesson and finishing with half day excursion on horseback. All together 18 1/2 hours riding.
Max 3 1/2 riding lessons per day.

* Additional riding lesson hours (50 min)

** Available for groups and individuals.

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Our horses are fit, some lively, some quiet, but all responsive and each having their own individual characters. There is a horse for everyone. They live the natural lifestyle in herds and it is a great joy to spend time watching them and learn about herd hierarchy. In more than 10 years of experience of running ranch and guiding trails we always care most for guest’s happiness and our horses.

Recreational trail riding does not have an age limit. If you like nature and horses you can enjoy in this type of recreation and active vacation. Trail riding (1-3 hours) with a guide is practiced through intact nature surrounding the ranch.

Riding skills are checked before leaving the ranch for a trail ride, so that the guide can choose the appropriate track based on the rider’s knowledge.

You can choose to spend one or more hours riding them, but for all questions you are free to contact us.

Two to three hours – recommended trail for both experienced riders and beginners who want to walk, trot or even gallop through the unprecedented beauty of nature and experience most of the beautiful terrain of the Plitvice Valley.

One hour – is a great opportunity for you if you are short on time and a family with small children to create an unforgettable experience with them.


Riding trail is 20 to 30 km long, approx. riding time is 5 to 7 hrs, it is accompanied by an experienced guide. 

Note: One day riding trips, accompanied by a guide, are suitable for riders who are able to ride safely in at least walk and trot in order to ride at an estimated pace suitable for such distances.

  •   Trip Barać caves (ranch – Barac caves – source Japra – ranch)
    Departure from the ranch in the morning where you will be welcomed by warm and professional staff and horses. Riding through the unspoiled nature towards the caves takes about 2 to 3 hours. We pass through various meadows, fields and horse paths suitable for galloping and streams, which makes this tour special. Our faithful companions are the dogs Nera and Nora that keep us company while riding. The estimated time of arrival at the cave is around 11:00.  Upon arrival we take a few minutes to relax before visiting the interior of Barac`s caves. After sightseeing the caves we will provide lunch boxes (sandwich, juice andfruit) for you that you can eat on the site. During that time, horses are resting, eating and drinking waiting to take you back to the ranch.

Useful informations:

● Riding Experience: for experienced riders and beginners (depending on the type of
● Rider Weight: max 100 kg (2 people can be up to 105 kg in group)
● Age: depending on the type of excursion
● Groups: 2-8 people
● Clothing: Long pants are required and suitable shoe/sneaker

  • helmets are provided on the spot
  • Best option is to book a day or two in advance
  • Things like backpacks, cell phones, keys and goggles are forbidden to wear/use when riding for safety reasons
  • Guide will be taking pictures which will be sent to you during the day of the ride
  • Arrive 15 minutes ahead of schedule to prepare for the ride
  • Children under the age of 8 can ride on a leash accompanied by a guide
  • Guide will present you with all thing necessary before the ride starts

If you have any question please do not hestitate to contact us.