If you have never ridden or want to improve your riding skills then you are at the right location. Our team will patiently teach you all the riding skills you want!

Trail riding

We can offer you horseback riding accompanied by a guide through beautiful nature. Our trail riding takes place near the ranch, on the picturesque landscape of the Plitvice valleys. You will ride through untouched nature, woods and forest paths, and sometimes you can see forest animals, deer, rabbits, pheasants…

Our horses are in shape, some lively, some more quiet, but all sensitive and each has its own characteristics. There is a horse for each of you. They live a natural way of life in the herd and it is a great joy to spend time watching them and learn about the herd hierarchy.

Riding skills are checked before leaving the ranch so that the guide can select the appropriate trail based on the rider’s knowledge. This riding option is suitable for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, experienced riders, beginners and those without any experience. Our horses are calm and completely safe for every rider.


1 hour of riding – 30,00€/person

Riding price for children accompanied by an additional guide, large groups and similar – on request

Riding school

On request, we also organize riding schools for those who stay longer at the ranch or those who have the possibility to visit the ranch for several days. You can send us an inquiry and we can offer you a program that works the best for you.

One-day trip – Barać Caves

A 7-hour trip on average, with an experienced guide.

Includes 3 hours of trail horseback riding through beautiful wilderness to Barać Caves. Upon arrival, a short break is followed by a tour of the Upper Barać Cave, where a professional guide will lead you along an illuminated path between majestic stalactites and stalagmites (duration 45-60 min). Then, enjoy a rest and relaxation in a pleasant natural environment in front of the cave, while having a lunch package. Afterwards, saddle up and head back to the ranch, riding through equally enchanting nature and different terrain for 2.5 hours.

Barać Caves are a museum that nature has been creating for millions of years. The beauty, fertile land, and fairytale surroundings of Plitvice owe much to the mysterious karst underground, a part of which visitors can explore in these caves. Visitors can discover numerous stone monuments, the former habitat of cave bears, the Dragon’s Throat, the site of the discovery of a bronze bracelet from the Middle Ages, and many other details. At one point, the tour will turn into absolute silence and darkness, so visitors can forever carry with them this unique experience of the underground. The temperature in the cave is 9 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

*The trip is suitable for riders who are able to ride independently at a walk 
*Departure time by agreement
*Admission to the cave and lunch package are included in the price 

Price – On request

Half-day trip – Deer Valley Ranch

A 5-hour trip on average, with an experienced guide.

Includes 2 hours of trail horseback riding through beautiful wilderness to the Deer Valley Ranch. On the way to the ranch, you will pass by the old tower in Drežnik Grad, which offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Korana River and the surrounding area. After arriving at Deer Valley, a 1-hour tour of the beautiful ranch with a professional guide will be followed by a snack consisting of homemade delicacies and drinks. After the snack, take a short break, and then saddle up for 2 hours of trail horseback riding (also through nature) back to our ranch.

Deer Valley Ranch is a unique open-air zoo with a special beauty. It is a place where shy deer and does, and even stubborn red deer, will eat out of your hand. It covers 15 hectares of land where more than 100 game animals live. The visit includes sightseeing, feeding, taking pictures with the deer, and interesting information provided by the guide.

Drežnik Grad is a magnificent defensive fortress from the 12th century that protected this part of Europe from the Turks for 400 years. 900 years later, its structure is still preserved and provides visitors with a special experience. It is one of the few historical attractions in the area that has been preserved, protected, and restored.

*The trip is suitable for riders who are able to ride independently at a walk 
*Departure time by agreement
*Admission to the ranch and snack are included in the price 

Price – On request