If you have never ridden or want to improve your riding skills then you are at the right location. Our team will patiently teach you all the riding skills you want!

Trail riding

We can offer you horseback riding accompanied by a guide through beautiful nature. Our free riding takes place near the ranch, on the picturesque landscape of the Plitvice valleys. You will ride through untouched nature, woods and forest paths, and sometimes you can see forest animals, deer, rabbits, pheasants …

Our horses are in shape, some lively, some more quiet, but all sensitive and each has its own characteristics. There is a horse for each of you. They live a natural way of life in the herd and it is a great joy to spend time watching them and learn about the herd hierarchy.

Riding skills are checked before leaving the ranch so that the guide can select the appropriate trail based on the rider’s knowledge. This riding option is suitable for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, experienced riders, beginners and those without any experience. Our horses are calm and completely safe for every rider.


1 hour of riding – 150,00kn/person (20,00€)

Riding price for children accompanied by an additional guide, large groups and similar – on request

Riding school

On request, we also organize riding schools for thoose who stay longer in the ranch area or those who have the possibility to visit the ranch several days.

1. Level

Riders with no previous experience

7 hours of ranch riding and 4 1/2 hours of horseback riding off the ranch divided into 7 days of riding. Starting with 1/2 hour the first day and ending with 3 hours of riding the last day. All together 11 1/2 rides. Max. 3 hours of riding per day.

2. Level

Riders with basic experience

7 hours of ranch riding and 8 1/2 hours of horseback riding off the ranch divided into 7 days of riding. Starting at half an hour on the first day and ending with a half-day horseback ride in the beautiful nature of the Korana River. A total of 16 hours of riding. Max 3 hours of riding per day.

3. Level

Experienced riders

7 hours of horseback riding on the ranch and 11 hours of horseback riding in the beautiful nature around the Korana River. Starting with 1 hour of riding and ending with a half-day excursion on horseback. All together 18 1/2 hours of riding. Max 3 1/2 hours of riding per day.

Day trip

Horseback riding 20 to 30 km or 5-7 hours, accompanied by an experienced guide.

Trip to Barać caves (Ranch- Barać caves – spring Japra – Ranch)

Note: One day of riding, accompanied by a guide, are suitable for riders who are able to ride independently by walking and trotting.

The departure from the ranch is in the morning where you will be awaited by our horses and our pleasant staff. Riding through untouched nature to the caves takes approximately 2-3 hours. We will pass through various groves, paths, fields suitable for galloping and streams, which makes this trip special. Our indispensable companions are the dogs Nera and Nora who keep us company while riding. Estimated time of arrival in front of the cave entrance is around 11:00.

When we arrive, you will get off your horse, take a break for a few minutes and go to visit the interior of Barać’s caves. During this time, the horses rest and wait for you to return to the ranch.

After sightseeing the caves, you can rest on benches in the shade where we will bring you your lunch packages with sandwich, juice and fruit.

Price – On request